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July 30, 2012


Jon Ponder

There's also the issue of timing. Krauthammer and others on the right insist that the bust was given to Bush after 9/11, but the Bush White House website shows Bush accepting the bust on July 16, 2001. This is only a big deal in that associating it with 9/11 gives the bust added significance in the Republican mind. But who loans things commemoratively? And shouldn't all things that are loaned be returned? (Next we'll hear it was retroactively loaned in July in commemoration of the attack in September.) Here's the link:

Rich (in name only) in Reno

Mitt Romney will upon election install a bust of Bibi Netanyahu in his Oval Office. This bust will be an audio-animatronic artwork, and will be utilized deliver Bibi’s daily instructions with accompanying thunderous flashes of fire and brimstone. The bust will be activated by a pressure plate in the floor, and come to life as soon as Mitt kneels down upon it. Any deviation from orders will result in a painful blast from twin heat beams emanating from the bust’s eyes.


Krauthammer, the Dr. Strangelove of our times. A movie parody becomes reality. Really? Really Charles? Who cares where the bust of Churchill is? Or how many? Your descent into delusional overdone pettiness is complete.

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