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July 30, 2012


You Don't Say

OT: Hope you're watching 'Hardball', PM. Chris Matthews is in rare form. Called Romney a 'lawn sprinkler of national insults,' and then something about him 'barfing' his idiocy everywhere.


" It goes without saying that authentic conservatives will have nothing to do with today's manic GOP, but their prejudices are to be found as well in their indefatigable resistance to formally allying with the Democratic Party."

I find this habit among the somewhat-sane conservative types to be nearly as infuriating as the rabid bunch of brain-dead knuckledraggers they finally part ways with.

In 2004 and 2008 I had conversations with fairly reasonable Republicans who had had enough of GWB and the party, but decided to vote Libertarian rather than Democratic, always saying some variant of "well, voting for [the Dem] isn't any better than sticking with Bush/GOP." I would then spend a few minutes pointing out all the ways that the Democratic candidate actually did represent many of their (mostly moderate) interests better than the GOP or libertarians. It never mattered. They just instinctively, resolutely, couldn't even contemplate voting Democrat. I still don't understand it.

I mean, I'm basically to the left of the Democratic party and won't be considering a vote for any GOP candidate unless and until this fever of absolute craziness breaks and they field reasonable people as candidates. But there have been some GOPers I can remember that I may have voted for had I been of age or in their districts at the time. (former Gov. Jim Edgar of Illinois comes to mind. Either Chafee, as well).


Before they vote Democratic, the authentic conservatives will wander the desert like heretics in exile.

The modern GOP will complete its full and final transformation into a white Christianist party (as Sullivan has also documented).

However, inevitable demographic changes will reduce its power and influence with every succeeding election. Initiatives like voter suppression and closed-immigration policy goals are like trying to plug holes in a dam. They will not ultimately work because they're fighting with economics and birth rates.

Once the conservatives come out of exile and try to claim back their party, their challenge will be to build a coalition that can win national elections. Just relying on the business wing will not be enough. The Tea Party Crazy will have handed the Democrats the loyalty of the Hispanic population, other immigrants, gays, etc.

Peter G

A moment will be insufficient to deal with the Republican party's ailments. A Sista Soulja revolution is required.

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