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July 30, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

Your post begs an important question. How does the undecided 5% of the 9 or so swing states actually decide for whom to vote? Specifically, what is their logic, and what are their sources of facts for plugginto their logic?

Contrary to the common thesis of talking heads, the candidates present a fairly clear idea of their governing principles and priorities. So, the choice is pretty clear.

One viable explanation is that this 5% simply has not gotten around to thinking about it all.


Actually, I am going to run a little counter to this thinking. One aspect of all the polling that is out there that is under reported is the solidity of each candidate's support. From every poll I have seen where that is reported, Obama's "strong" support is pretty much double Romney's.

What this tells me is that a lot of Romney's support is based solely on the fact he is running as a Republican. And a lot of those people still haven't been exposed to Romney like they will once the real campaign starts in September.

In other words, a lot of that support (perhaps another 5% which is significant) could suddenly fall into the undecided territory.

The President's campaign has done an excellent job of placing a ceiling on Romney's support. The next challenge will be eroding some of that shakey support away from him. Those voters don't necessarily have to vote for Obama, just not vote for Romney.

It is interesting that a couple Romney people came out and accused the Obama campaign of participating in voter suppression with the Bain ads. Tells me that they are concerned about the exact same thing and are worried about the lack of "solid" support.


The GOP is an absolute idiot something that is fairly obvious to anyone who is paying attention, including the people that are still going to vote republican. From my small insignificant corner of America known as Riverside County,CA the asshole of America, people here are driven more by hatred of Obama than love for Romney. You will find pro-Obama voters here. You will find anti-Obama voters here. It's the Pro-Romney voter that may be a bit harder to find.


I think most of the "undecided" vote just doesn't want to talk to pollsters.

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