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July 29, 2012




The last few years, watching self-described progressives sneer, jeer, backstab, and undermine President Obama with their self-righteous purity insistence has driven home just how much they, in spirit and in grasp of the real world's constraints, share with the ideological Right in terms of rigidity, intolerance of dissent, ideological blinkeredness, and reality denial.

And I say that as a lifelong liberal (who has never fled in cowardly terror of being labeled such), a lifelong resident of the blue blue Bay State, and a dismayed observer of all the clowns to the left of me no less than the jokers to the right.

Peter G

You hit this one out of the park. I'm going to use this as a club on the very next fire bagger I encounter.

Sue Me are so right (and I use that it in the general term). I too, live in a blue State and consider myself a life-long liberal...but as you say, some on the VERY far left are so rigid that they mimic the far right...hope they both go down in flames.


Every good liberal ought to kick Drew Westen in the arse.

It is known that then candidate Obama's team had advise/consultation contact with
Westen. After Obama's people came to realize what most sensible eventually came to realize-- the man is a right honourable idiot, they dropped him like a hot potato.

Ever since then, it has been Westen's delusional mission to prove Obama error of not understanding the Westen genius.


PM, as much as I disagree with Westen and find him considerably annoying, one must concede at least one of his points: Obama did not communicate his actions well to the country. I for one was astounded at the lack of counterattack on the whole health care reform battle. A concerted, multimillion dollar effort to lie about and distort the reform effort, coupled with the Tea Party town hall debacles, went practically unanswered by the White House. Neither Obama nor his surrogates held a single town hall of their own to educate the population on the reform effort--there were no press conferences, no national addresses, nothing to explain to the population why this reform was needed and how it would work. And we're talking about one-sixth of the US economy--a sector that touches about everyone and everything. I don't blame the population for being one on the pro-reform side, beginning with the President, attempted to un-confuse them. They heard only one side of the story. And after the reform passed, Obama didn't even do an Oval Office Address or any event to explain what was considered one of the most signature historical achievements of any Presidency, and the centerpiece of his own. No PM, Obama erred big time on this one--not on the policy, not on his political strategy to achieve it, but on the sheer politics of it. With or without Westen's insufferable nonsensical reveries.

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