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August 14, 2012


Peter G

I have many dogs. I do not care that the pups among them occasionally crack their heads. Mostly, as you observe, they do not even notice. It is what they do to the damn carpets that is the problem.

Robert Lipscomb

Who came up with the Jack kemp comparison - as a positive. Kemp never won the big one as a quarterback or as a presidential hopeful. he's the political equivalent of taking credit for inventing the leisure suit.


Gershon must have fallen and bumped his head--HARD. Unleashed enterprise, especially on the part of Wall Street, is what got us in this mess in the first place, along with two wars, Medicare Part D, the Bush tax cuts, and TARP--all of which the republicans didn't bother to pay for. Expecting Romney and Ryan to clean up the mess the republicans created by implementing the same policies is like expecting a fox to be a good security guard for a henhouse.

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