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August 31, 2012


Peter G

So you decided to go with a writer whose style is somewhat disconnected from reality yet incredibly rich in sensory perceptions. Not unlike the Republican convention.

Robert Lipscomb

I have and idea, and I want you guys to hear me out on this before you go all negative.

Chuck Norris in a Tai Kwon Do match with an imaginary Barak Obama. I shit you not, Chuck would so kick his ass.

Second thought.

Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwartzeneggar, Clint Eastwood and a Ronald Reagan hologram in "The Expendable III" kicking an imaginary Obama's ass with Obama in the role of a Muslim Manchurian candidate. They would soo kick Barry HUSEIN Obama's ass with obama

Last thought.

Zell Miller in a duel with an imaginary Obama with Obama in the role of a freedman abolistionist. Zell would so kick his ass.

So you think my ideas are stupid? What do you want to do? Have three debates between a real Obama and a real Romney? Obama will so kick his ass.

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