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August 27, 2012


Tien Le

There's a remedy for that: quit watching MSNBC or any of the pundits, for that matter. They add exactly nothing to civil discourse.


CNN/FOX/MSNBC are all built on the business model of getting viewers worked up... so worked up that they continue watching this inane drivel.

Bring on the Second Coming of Elvis!

But then, what will you write about? I suggest a long essay on the pastoral campus life at the University of Illinois.


The minute I saw Tom Brokaw on O'Donnell's show I turned it off. His careful "analysis" is so tedious it could be used as a sleeping pill. At least Joy Reid and Jonathan Capehart were there, but it wasn't enough for me to not turn it off.

Ted Frier

What you saw on O'Donnell's show was an improvement on what he had said earlier when Chris Matthews went after Priebus over Romney's obvious birther play. Earlier, Brokaw doubted the race card was anything but another doomed Romney joke, but with Capehart making a spirited case for bigotry Brokaw began to at least admit the merit that Romney was after more than just laughs when he told that Michigan audience that he, at least, didn't need to show his birth certificate.


It's easy for those not affected when the race card is played to pretend it isn't being played, Ted. Brokaw is one of these people, and so is Romney. They don't have Matthews' ability to empathize with those who are being demonized and scapegoated. Their main job is to pretend no problem exists when the race card is played. If Brokaw or Romney had had to lead my life, there's no way they'd say that Romney isn't playing the race card by running his lying welfare and Medicare ads. I'd like to see him profiled when people take their first look at him. Although I have several graduate level degrees and taught high school for 33 years, I still have people look at me as if I'm going to steal something from them. It never occurs to them that I'm better educated than they are, or that I've worked for what I have. My skin color automatically places me in the category of "other." Romney knows this. That's why he reinforced his welfare lie with another lie by saying that the president is trying to "shore up his base" by eliminating the work requirement from the welfare law. He never thinks that it is an insult to me and millions of other Americans of color who have never, ever applied for one penny of welfare assistance.

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