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August 12, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

I am struck by another metaphor. This is the week that Romney did a spot-on impersonation of Neville Chamberlain.

Early in the week, he called for a truce on negative advertising. Then, he gave the Sudetenland of Romneycare in appeasement of Herr Limbaugh. Finally, there was the Dunkirk evacuation of the Romney campaign from the theater of war about the economy.

Ultimately, Neville Romney ceded his position as head of the GOP to a real conservative, Winston Ryan - complete with a freudian slip during his introduction.

Romney is is now a CINO, a candidate in name only.

Frankly Curious

First, "burking up" is a great phrase. I will steal it liberally in the coming years.

Second, what "ideas" could Saletan be referring to? I know I'm being repetitive, but Ryan's ideas are just items on the same old conservative wish list.

You are absolutely correct to call Saletan out on this issue: *everyone* wants to balance the budget. The only questions are when and how. Ryan's when is 40 years from now and his how is, "On the backs of the poor!" Great plan there, kiddo!

W Caulfield

"First, "burking up" is a great phrase. I will steal it liberally in the coming years."

Bob Hope: "I wish I'd said that!"

Bing Crosby: "Oh, you will."

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