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August 30, 2012



I agree that most Americans hate being lied to, mainly because they wonder why does the person feel they have to tell a lie. This was the major problem for Clinton with her "under fire" in Bosnia lie.

And this is where the Obama campaign has to go. Not only point out that even the media is saying that Romney/Ryan are spreading falsehoods (or as Obama likes to say "making things up") but to start wondering out loud why the GOP feels it has to do this. Could it possibly be becuase if they actually spoke the truth, people wouldn't vote for them? Are that that lacking in confidence of the popularity of their ideas? Could it be that the truth would expose what their plans for the rich really are?

Don't just go afetr the lieing, but go after the motivation. In essence, the old "would you buy a used car from this party? And btw, did you see the brief snippet out where the CEO of Car Max talkes about Obama and how he would not hire Romney?


Let's just call this for what it is..."the pants-on-fire convention.

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