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August 28, 2012



In the movie Putney Swope there was a line I will paraphrase to describe David Brooks. "David Brooks is a horse's ass."

Is. Was. Will always be.


Brooks takes shots at big, fat targets like Palin and her brand of proud ignorance and for this he is credited as being a thoughtful, reasonable conservative. He burnishes these credentials occasionally by criticizing deeply unpopular Republicans long after the rest of us figured out they're incomptent crooks. And he occasionally says a nice thing about a Democrat.

But he's the biggest snake of them all and one of the most dangerous, exactly because so many people on our team think he's an honest broker. He's not. He's a contemptible piece of hypocritical bat guano who always, ALWAYS lands on the GOP's side of the debate when it matters. He just enunciates their talking points somewhat more gracefully than the average wingnut loudmouth.

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