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August 12, 2012



Senator Hatch admitted a few years ago that republicans didn't worry about the deficit when GWB was in the WH, and I saw this for myself. All of the pseudo-conservatives that have been screaming about the deficit didn't have one word to say when GWB was president. Hmmmm? I wonder why? I tease, but as a rather well-educated black female of 50+ years, I definitely know the answer to the question. I don't know whether these pseudo-conservatives are immune to facts, or whether they're just intent on having things their way in spite of the facts. It's a strange way to move through life, imo, being a hostage to one's ideology and an authoritarian follower. It would never work for me. I am so independent that when my friends in college were joining sororities, I was looking at them and wondering why they felt they needed other people to make themselves feel important. It could be the way my parents raised me. They placed a lot of emphasis on encouraging their kids to think for themselves. It works for me. It seems like Paul Costanza needs to develop this skill. His comment makes me wonder where he was during the years that the GWB administration and the republicans in Congress spent like they had their own printing presses. He's one of the jackazzzes who didn't open his foolish mouth from January 2001-January 2009. He woke up in 2009, and seeing a black democrat in the WH, panicked, and went straight to Stupidville, led to his destination by his nose by RW liars and Fox News.

You Don't Say

Bravo! Great post.


majii--Great comments!!

Peter G

Romney's job is bound to get much easier now that he has Paul Ryan to help him push on the rope.

Robert Lipscomb

@Peter G: LOL

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