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August 28, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

I learned many things while studying Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" as a sophomore in high school. Marc Antony's soliloquy taught me to let the other guy speak first - and to have a really good speach/speaker for the rebuttal. Barry Obama must have studied this also.

President Obama cannot defend himself at the convention without seeming defensive. So, he must enlist the help of a second to stand in for him. But who could ever meet the task of explaining complicated policies while smiling and gutting Romney?

Who? Who? ... WHO?

Maybe they could call in The Big Dawg from the bullpen to be the set-up relief pitcher. Bill Clinton will take three times as much time as anyone else would dare to go through the issues point by point and leave the Romney/Republican/Ryan platform (Big Lies) in tatters.

And you can bet your ass that everyone in the country will be tuned in - for one more night with Ole Bill.

The convention will close with Obama at his best describing the future as it can be with him and the Democrats in charge. Romney with have eight weeks to convince America he is not as big a lying asshole as Bill Clinton said he is.

Screw the press, we have Bill and Obama. :-)

You Don't Say

I hope the debate moderators ask about the false welfare ads. It may be the best opportunity to refute them.

Peter G

Given the media's reluctance to risk offense to any viewer or reader lest they turn elsewhere for information this strategy makes sense from a Machiavellian point of view. Tell not only big lies but lots and lots of little lies. The journalist who dared to try to challenge them all can be instantly condemned for bias. The republicans can rely on the uninformed voter to not believe everything Romney says is a lie.

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