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August 26, 2012



It's necessary to talk to our kids sometimes about sensitive subjects, and I applaud you for having the courage to talk with your daughter and explain why you made the comment you made at the theater. It's not easy. One of the hardest things I had to do when my daughter was very young was explain to her why the kids she played with all of the time excluded her from their birthday parties. I explained to her that the reason she couldn't go to them was not because of the kids but because of their parents. I've read some comments from some who have seen the movie, and imo, they didn't have to pay to see the movie because they weren't going to vote for PBO in November anyway. Dinesh DeSouza just bilked them out of their hard-earned money to see a movie that is based on lie and lie about the president. Well, no one ever said some on the right could ever resist being manipulated since they've succumbed to RW manipulation for most of their lives. I'll be forever grateful to my parents for teaching me to think for myself.


Should be: "...based upon lie after lie..."

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