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August 30, 2012



It may not be pretty, but the last preseason football games will still result in saner viewing than anything related to the RNC.


Friend, they have things called DVDs now and even internet streaming for some.

You could watch "The Care Bears Movie" to restore some faith in the universe.


It's never too late to take up knitting.

You Don't Say

I'm not watching either but getting news of Eastwood's bizarre performance. TPM already has it up and, to be honest, I'm afraid to watch it.

Susan Zoon

Clint gave the speech, picked up his marbles and tottered off stage. WOWZA! Another great vetting job by the RNC.

I felt a little sorry for him (just a little), but all I could see was my Dad up there. They're the same age. He's an "old school" Republican military guy- Commander of his local American Foreign Legion post and I think his speech would have gone the same way. Although... he did step out for one shining minute and congratulate me when "My" President got OBL.


I didn't watch any of it; I've too few functioning brain cells left as it is; but I did read a transcript of Eastwood's... whatever it was, and good gravy, that was just pathetic.

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