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August 01, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

the hell with being a senator; let's make him royalty, count: Count Chocola.

Peter G

Well their economic policies do have a rational end goal you know. It isn't entirely about a fight. Once you have ground up and pelletized your widows and orphans, the idle hands and all the other groups you spoke of then you have effectively reset the economic bar for what constitutes an acceptable existence. This is always comparative to the others around you. The recycling process can then begin and a new, fitter, Darwinian selected and improved American economy will be able to compete with low cost manufacturers around the world free from the drag of a middle class contaminated by actual labor. The devil take the hindmost.

Peter G

By the way, since I probably didn't make it too clear in my initial comment, "rational" is descriptive of the intention. It is likewise uncontaminated with even a shred of humanity

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