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August 11, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

I learned of the pending VP announcement over my first cup of very much needed coffee. Even in that haze, I thought to flip over to Fox News.

Even a third of those talking heads were literally warning, "Be careful of what you wish for." the other two-thirds, led by Charles Krauthammer, readily acknowledged that it was critical to spend the 16 days framing Ryan's proposal for Medicare.

First of all, that is an explicit confession that is a ticking time bomb. Secondly, their strategy of spending 16 days explaining his position ensures a full 16 days highlighting the issue in a defensive posture.

As they say, explaining is losing in politics.

Robert Lipscomb

Sorry, one more comment.

In the past, I have equated presidential elections to heavy-weight boxing matches. this one just finished the tenth round of a fifteen round match.

Romney's right eye has been punched so much that it is swollen shut. This is the point in the movie where the trainer begs the boxer to throw in the towel, but the boxer screams, "Cut me, Louie! Cut me!"

So the trainer cuts the eye to drain the blood and reduce the swelling. The problem in a boxing match and this election is that a cut eye is an actual open wound that the other boxer attacks like a pit bull dog.

Ding1 Ding!

Robert Lipscomb

Don't forget that the Ryan plan cuts Medicaid by a third. Many seniors are dually enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. i lifted the following from the internet:

In total, 8.3 million people are “dually eligible” and enrolled in both Medicaid and Medicare, composing more than 17% of all Medicaid enrollees.



If the republicans are going to have to spend 16 days explaining the Ryan budget does that not give Obama and democrats 16 more days to attack it? I hope so.

Frankly Curious

I tend to think that Ryan *does* have great political skills. How do we otherwise explain his conservative wet dream of a policy list being widely accepted in the MSM as a Serious Policy Proposal? Yes, the MSM is filled to the brim with idiots, but this is the same for all pols.

I think we underestimate him at our peril.

Robert Lipscomb

@AnneJ: Precisely! If we now know anyting about Obama and his campaign staff, it is that they are ready, willing and able to get in a street fight with Republicans.

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