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August 28, 2012



Something that struck me as being especially infantile was a comment Ann Romney made about her speech. After mentioning that she'd be speaking at the convention, she added "without a TelePrompTer." I've never seen a more juvenile group of people than the so-called adults in the GOP. Romney uses a TelePrompTer, but Ann Romney just couldn't pass up an opportunity to throw more red meat to the extremist wing of the party by taking a shot at the president. Saint Ronnie used a TelePrompTer, but republicans will never admit it.

Sue Me

I caught the last few minutes of Brutus' keynote speech...and only because I wanted to catch my local late news.....I thought, "nothing new here" and Bob Sheifer agreed with me. And that, my friends, sums up the Republican convention, the candidates and their followers. I have made up my mind and so no need to listen to their shop-warn crap.

Peter G

Ah Infinite Jest. Budget for about three readings at a minimum. it's one of those books.

brave captain of industry

looking forward to your book report on Infinte Jest

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