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August 31, 2012



At first I wondered why a party that has so much disdain for Hollywood would have one of its most famous icons as a featured speaker at Hatestock. But then a few things occurred to me. First, this is the party that thought they were electing an actual terminator for governor of California. So it's not such a leap in logic that they would think they had a real "Dirty Harry" up on their stage who fits right in with their rugged tough guy self image. Second, I realized that he was the perfect representation of the republican party: A bunch of doddering, old white men who are completely unhinged and don't know what to do with themselves since the young, dynamic black man moved into the white house. And finally, I realized that republicans treat Washington and Hollywood the same way: Always with disdain until they need them for something.

Robert Lipscomb

Everything you write is correct, but you are missing some layers. It is much worse than you describe.

The GOP hates government and government employees. So, you get Eastwood contemtuously saying, "Remember, they work for us!", as echoed in Romney saying, "I like being able to fire people!" The president is the ultimate "government employee". (I know there is a logic hole here. I will come back.)

This week, I received a propaganda e-mail blast from a conservative friend. Within it, he equated "community" with "communism". So, I hit 'reply all" and asked if he was contemptuous of community and society. Whe he responded "yes", I forwarded all a link to the Wikipedia page for ant-social personality disorder". None of them had any problem with the diagnosis, save one. They honestly did not consider it a disorder.

You see, they consider community good only so far as it pertains to family, tribe and apparently political tribe. The paradox is that within that narrowly defined construct of community, community is paramount - everything. So, all individuals within that community must be completely and wholely subsumed into the community.

Back to the logic hole.

In their mind, Obama is a lesser person because he is a government employee but this is compounded by the fact that he is not of the GOP tribe. Bill Clinton, a very white man, met a similar fate. So, they are both dispised.

One paradox is that a GOP president (W) is the ultimate government employee, he is to be revered anyway because he is in the tribe and now head of the tribe. A President Bush is then transformed by the ultimate status of being the head of the tribe while holding the lesser title of President - much like an emporer.

Obama's blackness and name and lfe history only makes his outsider status more tangible. I really don't think it is the primary driver - even as I am absolutely convinced he is the brunt of copious amounts of all types of racism.

I am equally sure that if Colin Powell had been elected and had towed the party line, he would have been lionized by the GOP - none more so than the most racist element.

Welcome to the madness of the Scots-Irish. Unfortunately, the Republican Party thought they could bring them in and manage them. Now, they own the place.


Please, Robert.
"towed the party line"

You toe the line, you don't tow it like a barge on the Erie Canal.

(Sorry. A particular hobbyhorse.)

priscianus jr

"If you're white you're OK, unless of course you're a woman-"
Or a Democrat.

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