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August 29, 2012



Now what does it say about the republican party that they need the votes of people like these to win elections? Well I guess after they spend enough money and suppress enough votes, they won't need the likes of these people either as the Ron Paul supporters found out last night.

You Don't Say

Yes, the GOPs older voters are dying out, but are the only racists in the party? Highly unlikely. What's the average age of white supremacists?


Bigots have a nasty habit of transferring their despicable ideas down the generations. And while we've pared away some every year we're leaving a core of hardened, bitter, feverent racists who won't be bargained with, reasoned with and will stop at nothing and will force the Republican Party to enshrine bigotry into law once more...


Anyone who thinks CNN is a bastion of liberal bias reporting should make note of the fact that they apparently do not want to antagonize the GOP, as they are really avoiding talking about this.


the camerawoman was better than me.I would be in jail for beating the shyt out of that racist heifer.


Good Grief! Could it be that Joe Biden is right....[his chains comment]?


I find it interesting the way that politicians, pundits, and news entertainers all pretend that there are not practicing racists in the GOP. I guess they think that if they avoid addressing the issue, it will go away. This is the problem. The republicans, the pundits, and the news entertainers that are engaged in this drama of lies should all be confronted and asked why they strenuously avoid acknowledging what they know exists. Had the media done its job, neither the birther movement nor the Tea Parties would have become as prominent and as influential as they currently are. Also, none of these gutless wonders had the courage to address the issue of racism regarding President Obama and millions of other Americans that has come out of the GOP the last four years. If I were a journalist, I would have run them off my program. I have to give props to Martin Bashir because he is one of the few in the media who is willing to confront his republican guests about their racism and their lies.

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