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August 27, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

You describe two types of politicians. There are also two types of businessmen. Romney is on the wrong side of both dichotomies.

We all know and know of one type of businessman who range from my father, the small farmer, to the master of the universe type such as Steve Jobs. They LOVED their business. What is more, they loved growing/building something. American admire this type of businessman - even the billionaires.

Then, there are the other kinds of businessmen. The only thing they make is money. The only thing they love is making money. If they can make money capitalizing a start-up and let the other guy work 24/7 to make it a success - so be it. If they can make money driving a business into bankruptcy - so be it. If they can make money by having lobbyist change a tax code - so be it.

Americans understand that sometimes companies have to be down-sized, people laid off or plants closed. We are averse to wantoness and destruction. we like people who build things and make good things happen.

Romney is not that kind of businessman, and he is not that kind of politician. The people know it - even the GOP faithful.


It will be interesting to see the reaction to and from Matthews over the next 24 hours. If he doubles down on his own show it will mean the management at MSNBC hasn't tried to stop him. This might make a few more journalists do what you are suggesting.

If, OTIOH, he backs off (and that doesn't me an apology or retraction, merely not going there again) I think your hopes for "There will be more of it, much more, and from many others" might be premature.


Anyone else note the astounding facial and verbal similarities between Reince Priebus and George Osborn?

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