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August 29, 2012



God bless Andrew Sullivan.

Robert Lipscomb

For what it is worth, here is a concept for a TV news channel: (1) reports public events as they happen with a modicum of commentary for context; (2) use ruthless investigative journalist to discover and report the truth as news stories; (3) use merciless, non-partisan analysis to develop opinion and comentary about significant issues and report them as such; and (4) use host with sharp-edged-steel interogatory skills to inview guests or to facilitate a debate between guests with opposing opinions.

In case I was not clear, use these methods even-handedly with all subjects in an effort to discover and present THE TRUTH versus finding the proverbial "middle ground".

I am pretty sure i would pay a hefty monthly fee to get that channel.

Further, I would rejoice when they ripped a Democrat a new one because it would make my team better.


Why torture yourself by watching this insanity? Tune them out and go watch a baseball game. Baseball, definitely an aide to maintaining one's rationality!


It's no surprise that CNN has taken a ratings hit. It has moved so far away from what Ted Turner intended the network to be when he established it. I haven't depended upon CNN for any type of news since Turner made the deal with AOL. The only reason I watch CNN at all is to catch the murder mysteries that come on very late on the weekends. I find Dale Hinman, the former FBI profiler, to be a rather interesting crime solver.

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