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September 30, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

There was a storyline in "Seinfeld" when Kramer went to Hollywood and began trying to sell a script; well not a script - a treatment; well not a treatment - concept. the other running gag was that this concept was a hybrid of two successul series - something like, "You know like Star Trek meets the Rockford files." And of course everyone bought into it and his idea became viable.

One would expect a real turnaround businessman to have plan for the turnaround; and if not a plan - a script; and if not a script ...

If Romney has a concept is apparently is Reagan meet W but with CGI special effects - or something.

Even more insufferable is the media false equivalancy that Obama does not have a plan either. Never mind 3.5 years of his presidency and negotiations and proposed legislation.. So this election is like Romney's concepts meets Obama's plan.

Or something.

Peter G

I guess all that money invested in processing Mitt through the Stepford Institute for Politicians with Presidential Ambitions was wasted. And he won Best in Show!

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