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September 01, 2012


Peter G

You give the man way too much credit. It is not the unfamiliar future progressives or liberals are defending against but an all too familiar past. Will knows that as well as anyone. Still it shows what great country the United States truly is. Many claims are made for Exceptionalism but only some are true. I can think of no other country where one could have such a long and prosperous career being professionally disingenuous.

Robert Lipscomb

The central entity in all this are concepts, popular, workable and good concepts.

In the beginning the idea is new and somewhat radical and thereby progressive. Throughout, these aprticular concepts are liberal. At some point they became proven, thus becoming ever less progressive, and holding on to them became increaingly conservative.

What Will does not grasp is that liberalism (in the form of socialist safety nets) is is held in very popular regard by America (you know "USA! USA! USA!" America). Will believes the continuation of the Great Society and even the New Deal is somehow open for debate. It is not.

Will is like the old vicar who wants to bring up the 60 year old argument of whether the cemetary should be on the east side of the church or on the west side. He proposes digging up the corpsesand moving them and the headstones to the other side as though it is a fresh new idea.

Bless his heart.

Ted Frier

And by suggesting "progressives" ought to abandon the 20th century safety net in favor of looking bravely forward into the 21st century George Will is also recommending that these forward looking progressives embrace ideas from an even earlier age -- the Gilded one -- from the 19th century.

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