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September 27, 2012



I think this video may require some more explaining than the 47% one, but perhaps if done quite right could be just as damaging. Of course Romney is doing so much damage to himself, that making an attack ad out of this video may seem redundant.

Robert Lipscomb

I think I'll take another look at "Eyes Wide Shut" to see if Mitt was in the crowd at the mansion.

Robert Lipscomb

Is it just a matter of time till we see him in kiddie porn or a snuff film or both?


This video, however, did bring Pierce to come up with a new nickname by which he will refer to Romney from now on: "The International Harvester."


Not as bluntly devastating as 47%, but it fits quite nicely in the broader narrative of Mitt as cruel vulture capitalist. I've been assuming the Obama campaign has a final salvo on this topic to be delivered to the airwaves in late October, just in case anyone started wavering in their disgust for Mittens. They can add the "harvesting" bit as a cherry on top.

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