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September 28, 2012


I used to consider Krauthammer as somewhat of a joke, the guy out there on the fringe. That was many years ago in my middle age years. He no longer is on the fringe of the right but more smack dab in the middle.

What is really sad, and somewhat scarey, is that in the process of moving from the fringe to the middle, he has not changed at all.

this morning I listened to Joe Scarborough (sober no less) review and embrace Krauthammer's op-ed piece.

My immediate thought was that Romney has gone big. He jetisoned his mainstream-conservative Romnetcare to free himself to attack Obamacare. He has embraced the Ryan/Republican budgets as the natural pure extrapolations of Reaganomics and then united with their chief author. remember, this includes privatization of Medicare and Social Security and the dissolution of Medicais - among other things.

I have criticized Romney's policies for many reason, but I have never, ever considered his policies as not being big and bold.

What is bigger and bolder than what he has already presented? Remove the phase-out period for Medicare and Social Security privatization? Limit income taxes to the first $250,000 of income? Promise to nuke Iran immediately upon being sworn in? Veto Obamacare before he is sworn in?

Seriously, what would constitute bigger and bolder?

David Frum tweeted that Krauthammer's column reminded him of the joke that the food sucks at this restaurant but at least the portions are big.

Hard to go bold on social programs when you get shouted down by a bunch of irate senior citizens every time you open your mouth or try to euthanize them with a Power Point presentation. There's always a moon colony I suppose.

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