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September 27, 2012



Rasmussen is all they have to fall back on. They used to be abel to include Gallup, but that poll now has Obama up 6.

I anticipate, based upon what you said, another post on the ridiculousness of using 2012 as a base to determine polling data. But it would even be ridiculous to use 2008 as a base. First of all, minority voter numbers have increased, specially Latino voters.
Secondly, enthusiasm, and therefore expected turnout in some of those groups, specially Latino, appears to be significantly higher this year.
Many polls, including those with Obama being shown to have significant leads, still appear to be undersampling the minority vote.
Because of this, I have a suspicion that Obama's lead is actually greater than what Rush is complaining about.


The polls also show the women voters prefering President Obama by a larger margin...take that, Rush, you female bashing moron!

Peter G

Permit me to predict that when the election turns out to within a hair's breadth of Silver's prediction, based on aggregates of polls, that the boob Limbaugh will be the very first in line to declare that some skulduggery at the polls accounts for Romney's loss.


Peter, I am sure that a resurrected ACORN will be to blame.


Rush Limbaugh is in total meltdown mode, and he deserves to be. He is one very clueless individual, and he's NOT known for using self-introspection since he tends to think the world revolves around him. He doesn't realize the damage he has inflicted on his own party, so he's now in the process of looking for anyone/thing to blame for Mitt and the GOP's present circumstances. Someone should give him a hand mirror so he can see why the GOP is in panic mode.

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