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September 29, 2012


And a way to fizzle.

Last night the hosts on MSNBC made the same 47% argumment and presented a 6-week trend graph to prove. Unfortunately, the trend graph obviously did not prove it, but that did not stop them from saying so.

It was kind of sad actually.

What the trend graph showed was a clear and distinctive break coming out of the Democratic convention. The prime speakers, including Joe Biden, did a masterful job explaining their record, their policies and contrasted that with the GOP's. Yes, Clinton had the most difficult task and did a masterful job, Michelle, Biden and obama's speeches fit tgether to creat a whole greater than the sum of the parts.

America understood the differences and began choosing Obama and the Democrats.

Midway between then and now, the 47% videotape was released which reinforced every negative stereotype about Romney, the GOP and their damnable budgets. this only fueled a continuation of the curve change.

I suspect the biggest benefit of the videotape is to backstop any reversal of the trend. What can Romney do or say to change people's opinion of him and the GOP budgets?

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