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September 27, 2012



As much as I want Obama to win and democrats to keep the senate and retake the house, I can't help but be sad over what has happened to the republican party. I used to be a republican at one time. For me they used to symbolize strength and stability. I can't even say that with a straight face anymore. I miss the republicans and hope they return someday.


Anne, I know what you mean. Heck, I campaigned for Nixon in 1960 (I was only 13 so I beg forgiveness).
But I remember fondly some of the old Republican stalwarts, such as Rockefeller and even George Romney.
There was a time (prior to Reagan) when the entire draw of the GOP was not based upon fear and loathing. Yes, with Nixon in 68 it started, but it was not anywhere near as extreme as now. Heck, as recently as 96 they kept the fundies out of sight.
What is most depressing to me is that many people who I consider the "good" type of Republican, who I may disagree with but at least know they are good hearted people, still vote the GOP ticket.
They still deny that the GOP they once were proud to be members of has died and they need to move on with their lives.

susan zoon

Really? sympathy for the Devil? This is a party of cruelty and arrogance beyond anything I ever thought to imagine. They have all but reached their goal of destroying this government and had it not been for the repulsive overreach of this Congress, I believe they might have succeeded. PLUS I think they may still try to steal this election.

I give them no sympathy and no quarter. Should they all disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, I would shed not one tear.... and I say that as a Buddhist.

A very bad Buddhist, but none-the less... the end of the GOP would improve my practice immeasurably.

Jim Milstein

I always love to hear the Jefferson remark about holding a wolf by the ears.

Thanks, PM!

Peter G

Everyone does Ann. I mean miss the Republicans. But if they are ever to recover they will have to sort out their own demons and, this is the hard part, such tender shoots of sanity that appear will need nurturing by the Democrats. They will need to appear successful in getting things done in Congress. They will have to allowed credit that can be converted to electoral success else the weeds will choke out the garden. The far left is going to hate this.


"What is most depressing to me is that many people who I consider the "good" type of Republican, who I may disagree with but at least know they are good hearted people, still vote the GOP ticket."

Drives me crazy. The tribal instinct even among sensible Republicans tends to be incredibly strong. In my anecdotal experience, they may sit out an election or vote 3rd party when the party is really blowing it (06, 08), but it seems like every one of them says "well, I can't vote for the Democrat. He/she would be even WORSE!" Just because. Democrats are the rival tribe. Whenever I've attempted to press the person for policy/substantive reasons why the Democrats are worse, they stonewall. When I point out that the Democrats are actually closer-aligned on most of the issues of the day than the GOP, blank, stubborn stare.

It's very frustrating. Though, I guess those people sitting out or voting Libertarian is a better outcome than them holding their nose for scum like Romney.

Tien Le

I'm concerned about this particular tribal shift to mass paranoia. Is there any time in history that can compare with this group epistemic closure on such a large scale where the members of the tribe are scattered among the members of other tribes and not cordoned off in a village (Salem) or state (USSR)?

This seems like a grand social experiment that could easily have far-reaching tragic consequences in the coming decade.


The craziness and paranoia was on full display at Romney's rallies in Ohio yesterday:
"Look, I know the president cares about America and the people of this country," he told the roughly 3,500 supporters gathered in a convention center here. "He just doesn't know how to help them. I do. I'll get this country going again."

"It's a version of a line he debuted at an Atlanta fundraiser last week, when the campaign was neck-deep in damage control after a leaked fundraiser video showed Romney frankly dismissing all Obama voters as government leeches. The line, aides told BuzzFeed, was intended to combat his image as a heartless Gordon Gekko figure, and to stress that he cares about working people, and simply has different ideas about how to help."

"But as he dispatched that argument in campaign stops across the Buckeye State, Romney encountered some unexpected pushback from the crowds, underscoring a fresh challenge his campaign's confused messaging has created."

"Many of the partisans who filled the rallies didn't like hearing their nominee assert that Obama "cares about America."

Romney is in a steel jawed bear trap. He's trying to move to the center, but his rabid Obama-hating supporters are having none of this. I have zero sympathy for Romney or the republicans because they've spend the last four years lying about the president. They repeated the lies so many times with the express purpose of insuring that the true believers would incorporate them into every fiber of their being. Mission accomplished!!


Let us not forget the wilderness years of the ideologically self-satisfied Democrats, where they wandered along aimlessly. Carter 80, Mondale 84, & Dukakis 88... until Bill Clinton moved them to a governing mind-set.

It is possible that the GOP can nominate a "national" candidate in 2016, but PM is right... the mod GOP and the hysterical GOP may not want to work together anymore due to mutual distrust and this would make it difficult for the person at the top of the ticket.

Ultimately, they're going to have to face a hard reckoning and offer something more to the general populace rather than being the angry old Christianist (per Sullivan) party.
I think they ultimately will. Demographics will force the change.

Therefore, it'll be the hysterics that drift towards an ill-fated third party. Good riddance.

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