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September 26, 2012



Well said.

Suzanne Holland

I would only add, beautifully stated.

Ted Frier

It's the South. Republicans made a pact with the devil. Whites oppose Obama by 42%! That's not a survey result. It's another country. The South, or rather Southern conservatism, has destroyed every party it's ever been a part of -- Whigs, Democrats, Know-nothing, and now Republican. It has never matured politically to the extent it's been able to live cooperatively with others who are different from them, and so the South must destroy what it cannot control and maintain solidarity by attacking "empaty" itself.


PM, I can always count on you to be the silver lining when the dark republican storm clouds gather. I remember you predicted this on 11/22/04 after Bush the Lesser was reelected. You said the republicans would overreach and sure enough, in 2005 Bush dropped the social security privatization bomb. Of course that wasn't the only thing but it was the earliest sign I could recall. And I believe there was a certain republican boy wonder who was all for it who now is the republican veep choice. But again, plenty more happened to damage the republican brand as 2005 dragged on and in to the 2006 mid-terms where you predicted a democratic win and sure enough you were right. And I've been a loyal fan ever since.

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