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October 30, 2012


He also pretty much repeated the same at Fox, to the immense consternation of the hosts.
At another site, somebody mentioned that he pretty much can't go out and totally bash the President and FEMA. My response was, that may be true, but he also didn't have to be effusive about it.

Chrlie Pierce does an excellent job of describing what a Romney administration would be like in this kind of situation, nased uopon his record as governor.

Do you have any idea what kind and magnitude of emergencies Christie has to deal with? Why he has been on six separate shows, including Fox, to tell everyone about it and how much work he has to do that makes politicking irrelevant right now.

hey, just discovering your blog. I plan to check you daily.

kudos from Buffalo, NY

For the most part I really don't like Chris Christie, but I think he shows common sense and is willing to stand up to the tea party extremists, plus he sees the long view all the way down to 2016 and knows he needs to make a good impression now.

Christie, lying bully though he may be, does appear to have a soul. A small, shriveled, atrophied soul, but it's there. And I think he may be honestly horrified by what Sandy did to the Jersey coast and what it means to his residents. So he is probably genuinely grateful for whatever help FEMA and the Feds can give, and may honestly believe that this isn't the time for partisan gamesmanship. It's a little odd he can find the time to be on every cable news channel at a time like this, though.

In reply to Turgidson:
Yeah, and he just happens to be wanting to run for president in 2016.

It's a sea change. And frankly I believe Christie is judging this correctly. Mitt isn't going to win and Christie just watched the tea party crowd stick their heads firmly in the sand when Mitt took his hard left turn. Looking (and maybe being) post partisan and caring is exactly the right note to strike. The hard right have betrayed their willingness to surrender ideology to win and the establishment needs a moderate electable candidate. Welcome back Republicans.

If wanting to run for President in 2016 makes him DO HIS JOB in 2012, I'm all for it.

As a Jersey resident who is dealing with loss of power and downed trees, I have to tip my hat to Gov. Christie. In his own words, he pretty much--at least to me--just showed that there is a vast chasm of a difference between the President and Mitt Romney, but between the President and G.W. Bush. Only blind, clueless fools like Greenwald, Stoller, and Lindorff can continue to bleat that there is no difference and Obama must be defeated in order for Progressivism to arise again.

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