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October 30, 2012


PM, don't let your exasperation get the best of you. After all, the good news is that this is the "last NPR Battleground Poll for 2012" so it is one less that you will have to be frustrated with over the next week.

Give them a break. It's NPR. They told the truth didn't they? They merely left the exasperatingly obvious conclusion to their informed listeners to draw for themselves. Something freakish could happen to elect Romney and they are all wearing bulls eyes.

NPR has become the most disappointing,disgusting spot on the dial. I will not donate one dime to them, and I could not care less if they lose all government funding. They are now slanted so far to the right on every issue that it is just too painful to listen to them. I have heard pro Romney and Ryan pieces as well as pro nuclear power and natural gas fracking. I've heard them hang up on callers who lean to the left of their central right stance. It started with their effort to present both sides fairly, I suppose. The problem with that tactic is that frequently one side just happens to be right and the other wrong. And as for their listeners being informed, I believe that used to be the case. Now we are in danger of being misinformed.

Well Jimiskin I am a lifelong liberal and I'll be happy to make the case for natural gas franking. Although new to the left fracking has been going on for about for about fifty years. Cases of groundwater contamination, bullshit documentaries notwithstanding, are somewhat rarer than in person voter fraud. And proper regulation could reduce that still further. Natural gas, used as an alternative to coal fuel for electrical generation could almost immediately cause a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as well as provide feedstocks for recyclable consumables at a fraction of energy cost of equivalent oil feedstocks. Nuclear power, of course, is the most desirable source for base load power that emits no greenhouse gases. Leave it to those silly socialist Frenchmen to figure that out. I've had many an interesting back and forth with progressives who think, without a shred of evidence, that you can run an industrial economy on wind and solar power. I like to ask such people if they know what everything is made of? I usually get called a troll when I point out that virtually everything not made of wood or metal is made from petrochemicals. I even elicited that answer from Glen Greenwald. Progressives want manufacturing jobs as long as they don't have to think about what you use to manufacture things.

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