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October 30, 2012


I am beginning to thinks Brooks has stopped all his meds this year.

He has always been a hack. His current fare is Romney and his job is to get Romney to his destination.

Well put, Peter G. Truly terrifying to contemplate the hellish destination toward which that handbasket hurtles.

If Brooks is right, doesn't that just definitively prove that Romney really, truly, finally is what we've been saying he is all along: a liar?

All of this begs the question, "Why are they lying?" Reagan might have obfuscated the effects of what he intended to do, but he was usually unapologetically clear about what he wanted to do.

People lie when they know that they will be punished for telling the truth. Romney and Brooks knows that the truth would be a disaster.

That begs another question. "What do they think the response will be if they implement their secret intensions?"

Welcome to the club, PM.

No matter how reasonable Brooks tries to sound, no matter how many sociological studies he performs in his own head - studies that always vindicate some self-applied conservative virtue, no matter how many times he takes a whack at a big, soft conservative target like Palin...he will always, always ALWAYS, in the end, line up for the Republican cause. Always. If Brooks was even .0001% as thoughtful and principled as he believes himself to be in his beautiful, unsullied mind, he would simply not be able to express any support for Willard Mitt Romney. But here we are.

Brooks is a useful cog in the right-wing narrative machine, softening the hard, dull edges of their cruel, ignorant policies and politicians. Nothing more. Let's not forget, one of his stops on the path to his NY Times "reasonable conservative" perch was the Weekly.fucking.Standard.

David Brooks is not stupid, but some important areas are missing from his brain.

I believe that Brooks is unaware, as is most of the country, that the Massachuesetts bi-partisanship that Romney professes occured with his veto being overturned 844 times. From

No real bi-partisanship. More of a CEO. .. giving dictatorial orders. . .and then being told no.

And not a businessman but a vulture capitalists of the worst sort. See Josh Kosman's book - "THE BUYOUT OF AMERICA" (private equity) and Ellen Schultz's "RETIREMENT HEIST" (pension thefts).

We are not safe from these types. .. predatory capitalist. As for a missing intelligent media - Brooks, Friedman, Kristol - peas in a pod. Perhaps cloned?

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