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October 29, 2012


Anyone that doesn't vote Republican is a left wing radical.

"African Americans, Hispanics, women, and young people"

Let me see if I can do the math here. As I recall, women comprise 51% of the contry. I am not sure how to define young people, but let's guess ages 18-30. And we already have the women; so let's add another 5%. Then there are the African American and Latino men over 30. That must be another 5%.

So, we now have 61% being manipulated by white male socialist over 30; let's say another 6%.

Yep, we have that 67% super-majority. But let's not rest on our laurels. There are all those Asian Americans and Indian Americans and Middle Eastern Americans and any other Brownish Americans. Hell's bells, I am smelling at least 85-90% of the country stealing the country from the majority of real Americans - white men over 30 who don't like other men (at least not in THAT WAY or at least not in THAT WAY in PUBLIC) and who hate Social Security and Medicare.

Damn, we are clever.

What does it take for people to stop listening to the mad ravings of men whose brains are diseased with Obama Derangement Syndrome and look around at their own lives and what is happening right in front of them? I hope it doesn't take a Romney / Ryan slash and burn administration. I hope it doesn't take four years of possible double-dip recession, no access to women's health care, privatized social security and medicare plus another trillion dollar unpaid for ground war in the Middle East as the cherry on top for people to wake up. Didn't Bush / Cheney slash and burn enough? And why is the right's only solution to keeping as few of these people from voting for Obama is to point at them (us) as the cause of all of these country's ills and keep us from voting? I guess it's just too much trouble for them to come up with better policies that would attract more diverse groups of people. And they call the poor lazy?

HA read this title as "National Review: still in need of Sedition"

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