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October 09, 2012


I don’t see why people admire Hamlet so much. It's nothing but a bunch of quotations strung together.

"The lady (man) doth protest too much, methinks." Hamlet

I really scholarly friend of mine once declared that he thought Shakespeare was overrated, and he did not lot like his plays. When I asked why, he said something to the effect that the plots were all cliche' and that he saw the same plots everywhere, including soap operas.

I responded that was because his plots were so good that writers had been stealing them for 500 years.

He thought, beamed a big smile and said, "Oh, yeah. That would explain it."

I have read that he invented 1,700 words and phrases. That's akin to Isaac newton inventing calculus to explain his physics.

Sigh. I have probably read Hamlet at least ten times over the years and traveled far to see productions of it and every time I learned some new and pleasing thing. Shakespeare invented a poetic language that did not exist before him and still inspires today. I doubt the author of this piece ever read it but if he did, lacking the necessary intellectual resources , did not understand it.

Who the hell is M. L. Hunt and further more, who the hell cares.. He represents the truly dumb of our nation...probably watching Dancing with the Stars...and thinks this a clue as to how we as nation thinks....well may he is right about the truly stupid 30&....hope they all stay home in November.

As Shakespeare didn't say but Chaucer might have: "Fuck him."

What a damned stupid column by "Dr." Hill. We could do an overrated blacks column, and there would be plenty, most of them thug athletes like Vick, or rappers and the like.
Jeez - and the worst music in the world, the worst, most overrated music is rap and hip hop.
Hill is an idiot for even attempting to perpetuate this type of crap.

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