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October 30, 2012


I don't know what radio ads cost, although I do know it is a lot less than television. So I don't know just how much $100,000 will buy.

What I do know is that by doing this, when all Ohio knows it is a lie by this time, will cause him to lose Ohio by enough actual votes that even the GOP can't steal the election.

Interestingly enough, I am pretty confident that as long as Obama wins VA, which I am pretty sure he will, he won't even need Ohio to hit 270.

To go even further on my last comment. With the events of this week, barring some major event, Obama could end up with over 340 EVs.

From your mouth to God's ear.

I'm going with over/under 333.

At the risk of being cliche',Romney does not seem to understand that this is an election rather than a hostile takeover. Seriously, he applying the modus operandi of the later to the former.

This explains his behavior throughout the process. He was properly capitalized; he had Wall Street's blessing; and he saw a wounded company (country) waiting to be had. Once the game was on, rules were for losers. I can only imagine how the workers in companies that Bain took over must have felt once they saw Romney bare his teeth.

i have been wrong about Romney for a long tine. He is neither moral nor immoral. He is amoral. In other words, he is evil.

^ Probably right. The guy has an absolutely tin ear for optics. The way he tried to reap a political windfall from the Benghazi tragedy before we even knew what happened...that (among a few dozen other things) should have been disqualifying. And the way he lies with such smug ease is just chilling. Bush and Cheney lied their asses off about a lot of things and we'll be paying the price for that for decades, but Romney is in a different weight class than even those monsters. Even Bush/Cheney wouldn't confidently lie about something that happened five minutes ago the way Romney has no problem doing.

Moderate Mitt my ass. Only historical prejudice against certain usages prevents this guy from being universally known as Bullshit Mitt.

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