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October 02, 2012


Jim Milstein

Points, PM, for using "subliterate". So appropriate in these sadly degraded days. It's time to ramp up public education!

Stamp out subliteracy!

Peter G

I'm going with your "maybe".

Albie Y. Pabon (@PabonMatriarch

I don't think of Tucker as ignorant. Tucker is a frustrated Conservative who was denied a conservative President during the past 3 3/4 years and he feels that office eluding them once again.

The video has been on the net for a long time - Drudge and others went on the hunt for ANYTHING they perceived would harm Pres. Obama. Nothing they find can compare to the 47% video of Romney. The found the candidate speaking to his Christian minister - the man subsequently referred to as a Muslim. The GOP keeps stepping in _____(fill in the blank). No, Tucker is not ignorant, he is suffocating in his own vomit.

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