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October 31, 2012


Sometimes, one's best interest and doing the right thing simply align. Christie, Obama and all the other key elected officials in the affected areas desperately need to be timely, effective and efficient during this crisis to ensure their political future. Mutual support gets every individual where they want to go.

As the old saying goes, "Grab them by the short fuzzies, and their hearts and souls will follow."

All that and the fact that Christie can read polls also. Romney is dead man walking.

As someone who listened attentively to Christie's keynote speech at the Republican convention I can attest that Romney was mentioned in it. Near the end.

Forget 2016, think 2013. Christie has to face the voters of New Jersey again next year before he can even think about higher office. It would certainly make his life easier if the Jersey shore were cleaned up by then. Christie is enough of a realist to know which President gives him a better chance of that happening.

Forget not Robert, that Christie will be launching his presidential campaign as a favorite son of a solidly blue state. He cannot afford to pull a Romney and have to slink out after a single term with low popularity. A single term will be sufficient for him to make New Jersey a red state in the 2016 presidential election, if he runs, but only if he can retain a high popularity rating.

Robert: Said what I was going to said but much better.

Enlightened SELF-INTEREST!
Christie is way smarter than Donald Trump, who if he was that smart, would write a check for $10 million to Atlantic City, for the restoration of infrastructure.

Christie will get no resistance from me.

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