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October 02, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

A million years ago during the original Saturday Night Live, Steve Martin was the lead in a skit, "Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber", in which he was practising quack medicine - among other things. At one point, John Beluchi wheels in Bill Murray who has two broken legs and is bleeding badly. Martin prescribes blood letting. murray says, "But my legs are already bleeding."

Martin responded in his most condescending Steve Martin voice, "Hey, who's the barber here?"

I'm not sure why, but your post made me think of that.

Courtesy of Hulu:!watch/3529

Peter G

You may recall, during the health care debate, how eager the Republicans were to debate endlessly every item and to propose endless changes and finally to vote against the outcome they had shaped. I wonder if the Republicans see that the shoe is on the other foot aimed squarely on their collective asses.


"Not even Senate Democrats are this dumb."

Don't bet on it.


Obama will finally get his Neo-Liberal Grand Bargain and a pat on the head from Pete Peterson. Here come the cuts to the safety net.

Bruce Adams

The Seventh Fleet of trial balloons, PM.This story is really a reminder of the sad truth that Washington reporters feel a greater responsibility to their Hill sources than they do to their readers.

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