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November 26, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

The lines have been drawn for the next 20 years of partisan politics in D.C.

The GOP has only one priority: reduce the size of the federal government. Deficit reduction will be leveraged to reduce entitlement (Medicare and Medicaid) reform. Because they are beholden to corporate interests, they will choose healthcare benefit reduction rather than reducing unit cost expenditure for benefits.

Democrats will have the priority of maintaining entitlement benefits. Throw in education if you wish. I hope that the Dems do not fall into a trap of reactionarianism.

Dems should define their position in terms of making the U.S. healthcare system as effective and efficient as the rest of the industrialized world. Because Medicare, and to a great extent Medicaid, are paid through regressive taxes. Bringing efficiency to the healthcare system while maintaining or improving effectiveness provides the greatest benefit to the 99%. Even people covered by private insurance will benefit from these improvements.

Obamacare expanded affordable coverage to virtually everyone. Now comes a 20 year political slog to make it truly affordable. And by the way, those are imminently conservative values, the kind Americans can understand and embrace.

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