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November 25, 2012


Peter G

Ah tenure! A wonderful system designed to hammer down any deviation from orthodoxy by young academics until any shred of creativity disappears, at which point they get a license to be an ass. Not sure what advice this man had to offer but the evidence from the campaign is that if that advice was any good, the campaign didn't take it.


I asked my father. He said he didn't vote for Nixon. I believed him. He was traveling across France in the summer of 1971 getting a warm reception everywhere he went by speaking fluent French with a charmingly rustic Quebec accent, and tipping everyone a shiny new American quarter. Then one morning he opened a newspaper, read that Nixon was pulling the US out of Bretton Woods, and made a quick rush to the nearest currency exchange. He never voted for any Republican ever again.

I asked my mother. She said she couldn't remember who she voted for. I didn't believe her.


I don't find it surprising at all, PM, that no republican admits to voting for Nixon since none of them seem to remember that George Walker Bush was President Obama's immediate predecessor in the Oval Office. I do remember voting happily for McGovern, though. Many republicans seem to have an unusually well-refined ability to forget the things that make them uncomfortable.


In 1972 I was proud to put on my car a bumper sticker reading "Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts."

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