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November 15, 2012



Okay, that's it. They are all certifiably insane. We're just gonna have to go on without them. Very little hope they'll ever catch up, and I can't say that I even care.


I think you meant to write "unbeatable squalidness of these creatures."

The "Family Values" crowd turned out and voted for this "creature", making them also überhypocritical and squalid.

Suzanne Holland

Lying, miserable, rotten hypocrites! And I guess a vote for him is a good vote....but not for the decent black man who is my President.....sickening.......

Brad Morse

I have the misfortune of living in his district (TN-04). He got 54% of the vote here. Sometimes I hate this place.


Ok, so the guy slept with two patients, three coworkers and a pharmaceutical rep. And he OK'd two abortions for his wife. But besides that, he's a great family man. /

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