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November 22, 2012



Happy Thanksgiving PM to You and Yours. Enjoy the food and festivities. I couldn't agree with you more on the PBO success, and I want to thank you for the time,effort,energy and specifically words that generate such supercilious insights and wisdom.


Couldn't agree more :) And may I add a special thanks to you and the faithful followers who always lifted my spirits with real wit and intelligent comments so lacking in most media.

Susan Zoon

Here-here! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this board. I am thankful to all of you for helping to keep me (relatively !->) sane. Especially you, PM.

Peter G

Already had our autumn ritual of feast and family but I feel I must wish a happy holiday to all Americans. Have fun, indulge, be safe.


Totally agree with you and all the comments above, and add my own mite of THANKS THANKS THANKS that we are spared the R/R horror that would have blighted our future.


I would like to extend my deepest
Thanksgiving greeting to everyone here. PM, I have enjoyed your blog immensely this year, I wish you and your daughter all the best.


Could have taken the words right out of my pen, well except for the djinns, for which I quickly exploited the google. So thanks to you for expanding my vocabulary in addition to the always insightful, enjoyable, and literate posts on this great commentary. Hope you and your daughter have a great day.

You Don't Say

Wonderful, PM. The president and vp receive plenty of criticism and plenty of uncritical adulation, but not enough plain old, deserved gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I'm wishing you and your daughter a happy Thanksgiving, PM! I, too, am thankful that we won't have to endure four years of the Romney/Ryan/Tea Party bullsh*t.

Suzanne Holland

Happy Thansgiving to you and your daughter! I hope your wonderful memories have helped you today.....l and I thank you & all the people who comment here for teaching me so much...and for keeping me sane :-)


A lot of the comments here are expressing thanks for this little safe harbor of sanity in which we can eddy-out when the craziness get to be too much. Add me to that list. Maraming marami salamat, mahalo nui loa, muchas gracias to you Mr. Carpenter and all thoughtful posters here!

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