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December 29, 2012


Peter G

PM my friend,for I consider you such, all that you say is true. But my motto, the guiding principal of my life, has always been to never attribute to malice what can be fully explained by stupidity. Or ignorance as required. I do not believe that the chuckle heads which dominate the Republican discourse are determined to hurt their country. They simply have not a clue what they are talking about. The road to hell appears to be paved with simple minded bumper stickers. Salvation lies in the fact they not all Republicans are afflicted with terminal stupidity. Or so I dearly hope.


True, Peter, but malice and stupidity are not mutually exclusive. Like you said, I don't think ALL Republicans knowingly intend to hurt the economy. They're just too stupid not to. However, they also intentionally refuse to edumicate their little minds as to basic economics because they're too arrogant, spiteful, paranoid, vengeful, close-minded, bigoted--i.e., malicious--to eat the required serving of humble pie that such an edumication would require.

Robert Lipscomb

I countenance a diversity in the Right, comprised of malice, stupidity and principles.

Most of the Right are now True Believers in the Staint Reagan maxim, "Government is always the problem." If I believed that - I mean truly, sincerely, completely believed that, I would fight government to my last breath and to my last ounce of blood. At least, I would like to believe I would. I would like to believe that if I had lived in antebellum America, I would have been an abolitionist and would have volunteered to join the army. If I had lived in 1930's Germany, i would have fought the Nazis.

My friends and family are not so optimistic, but i like to believe I would have that much courage of my convictions.

If today I believed that government is inherently evil, how could I not fight it with every tool and tactic at my disposal?

I would not be looking to negotiate.

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