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December 30, 2012



Is there ANYTHING Obama can do without those wingunts? They're barely fit to be seen out in public without supervision why do we have to depend on them to get a deal done?


Or maybe it's not Obama's luck, but rather his intelligence at work. He knows that these lunatics could never accept this deal(s), so why not offer it and make himself look reasonable... then later get the deal he really wanted when they have no choice but to accept it.

Susan Zoon

Anonymous - Could not agree more.

Robert Lipscomb

Several years ago, I had an epiphany that there is a distinct difference between me being "correct" and me being "right".

i suspect that many voters who think the GOP might be correct about many things are no longer right in behavior.

Peter G

Yes indeed. There was a very small chance that the Republicans might have said yes to the president's proposals. There was a similar chance that the Mayans were right. The only ideologically acceptable "compromise" for the Republicans is for the Democrats to agree to gut all social programs and take the blame for it while at the same time giving all credit for tax cuts to themselves. The outage within the Republican caucus for the failure of Democrats to see the fairness of this proposal is palpable.

Peter G

I don't know if there is anything Obama can do without them Anne J. It is possible SCOTUS might support the contitutionality of the president honoring the full faith and credit of the government. That would take a while to resolve. There is something Obama could threaten to do to them. There is nothing I see that prevents him from threatening to support right wing nut primary challenges to
Republicans if they don't come to Jesus. they,re pretty good at raising money and nothing says they can't "help" the Republicans with it.


Voltaire once remarked that he had only ever prayed this single prayer: "Lord, make my enemies ridiculous."

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