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December 31, 2012



Since I am at work and was unable to see if presentation, just what exactly is he conceding. The only thing I have read about is changing from 250K to 400K on the rate increase. In return getting, UI extended, energy credits extended, some other tax breaks for the middle class, and reducing some tax credits for those with income over 250K.

Oh, and a GOP that is on record for supporting tax increases. And that is not a negligible thing.

Now, I am fully willing to admit, I don't know all the details, and since a deal has not been finalized, nobody does, so I will withhold final judgement until later.


Also, apparently the Republicans are really pissed about Obama's presser.


Dear Phil, please read this very different take on things from BooMan:

He's got inside sources for what's happening at the White House, and he's proven himself over time to be an excellent political analyst.


Just read some of the supposed details on CNN and this will NEVER pass the House...40% taxes on estates (up from 35%) taxes on those making more than $400,000 back to Clinton era rates of 39.5%....the Prez gets to look optomistic while the House Republicans push us over!


^ the GOP is still pissed that Obama is president. And doubly so that he will remain president for four more years.

I don't see why he ever said he'd accept chained CPI or allowed the tax threshold to go up from $250k. He just won an election on the tax question and it's simply political malpractice to allow Social Security cuts to become "your idea," as Obama more or less did (I know the GOP wants them, but they don't want to be caught wanting them - they want the Dems to take the heat for their cruelty).

Robert Lipscomb

Question: If the Secret Service is protecting obama, how did McConnel take his lunch money?

Just askin'.


At this point of Washington Theatre, cue stage left: liberal freakout.

A tradition as old as time itself.


PM..PM..what the heck is going on with you? I have noticed and remarked on your negative trend in the last few weeks. Hopefully this is not the pathway for a Happy New Year 2013.
Goodness gracious,no-one knows the deal yet.Why are you creating angst?


Hunh. Wow. The newser struck me as pretty damn smart, but what do I know? It just seems like LOTS of otherwise unengaged American voters happen to be paying attention right now, so it's a *perfect* time for President Obama to engage in a bit of theater. My feeling about President Obama is that his eye is *always* on busy, hard-working, otherwise unengaged Americans, and that his efforts are directed at gaining their favor. It looks to me like he's doing a hella great job at it.


I believe the expression is, "They've got another 'think' coming."

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