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December 28, 2012



I'm beginning to think that the gravest mistake that President Lincoln made was in not just allowing the "south" to secede. No Civil War, no continuing bullshit today. Good riddance. How can we help facilitate that today? Why do we need this?


I wish all those Baggers would Go Galt! The only problem is they aren't actually going to isolate themselves in a gulch in the Rockies because they know they'll die faster than The Donner Party.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that most of the Baggers are in states that contribute less in taxes to the Federal Government than they receive in benefits. Encourage them to secede. Let them join the "third world." Good riddance to them, and let us get on with a progressive agenda that cares about our commonwealth. How can we facilitate this? Is this possible?


"Whassamatta? Ya can't take a joke? Last I knew, we still had freedom of speech in this country." Oh, I can just hear this jerk now, having heard his ilk far too often already.


best comment about this story:

MitchellWiggs 9 hours ago

Let’s take a look at where these two men are at in their lives. President Obama is the most powerful man in the world, and holds the absolute highest government position possible in the greatest country on Earth. He’s made history being the first black President in our nations history, and was just re-elected to a 2nd term. He is a Harvard law graduate, former college professor, and worth about what….$12 million dollars? This man lives in a trailer in Kentucky, in front of a hill. Case closed.

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