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December 31, 2012



Same old Kabuki dance


I don't know which is going to break first, my desk top or my skull.

Robert Lipscomb

Last week, I wondered whether Obama had the stomach to break the GOP and send them into a civil war.

Now, I know.


The only thing that can be agreed upon is to keep on arguing. Thus, if anything at all happens today, it will be a bill that simply extends the deadlines, without changing anything else. Just move the cliff--easy peasy.


Very disappointing, if it's true; however, how many times have we seen these stories written only to find out that they're full of it once the dust has settled?


This is what we get for electing Mittens Romney.


This is one of the things that winds me up beyond belief - is there any doubt that, had Mittens won, the GOP would have immediately started pushing their agenda as the ONLY valid approach? And that they would not have taken "no" for an answer, claiming a clear mandate based on the election? Why haven't the Democrats been doing that?

No, don't answer that. It'll just depress me.

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