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December 31, 2012



It's not cowardice or caving when you do something you want and Obama WANTS to cut entitlements. He's been saying that since before he was President and he repeated it in the 1st debate with Mitt Romney when he said he and Romney had essentially the same position on Social Security. The fiscal cliff and debt ceiling dramas are all crises manufactured in part by Obama to enable the cutting of entitlements so the feds can have more cash to hand over to the rich.

It will be interesting to see what Pete Petersen-connected boards Michelle joins starting in 2017...


But PBO does not want to cut BENEFITS in these so-called "entitlements."


PM, You seem to be really reactive these past days and forgetting the President's long game. Sad and disappointing and uncharacteristic. I miss your usually spot-on analysis. Now you are writing like Ed Shultz,


Betsy, you're wrong. PM isn't writing like Ed Shultz. It's more like Cenk Uger.


LOL! Yep. Watching them do everything they can to avoid proposing what they SAY they want to do has been enormously entertaining as well as maddening.

I just have to say that I've been experiencing the oddest mixture of dread, grim amusement, and unnerving schadenfreude over the last year. Those feelings have been intensifying lately, and I don't know how much longer I can take it before resorting to heavy drinking. :-\

Peter G

Okay now we have a clear view of the deal. Midle class tax cuts? Check. Extension to unemployment insurance? Check. Increased capital gains tax. Check. Cuts to social programs? Nope. Boy I sure wish I could get beaten like this in a negotiation. Forced to get almost everything I want and giving up next to nothing. Want to bet the debt ceiling negotiations include further tax increases or the Republicans wind up holding a malodorous bag just like old Newt did?

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