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December 28, 2012



"As long as congressional Republicans at large are subject to the narrow, fanatical whims of a Tea Party primary base, they cannot vote as traditional Republicans might and thus the party will, in time, Cheshire-like, swallow itself whole."

Eventually, though, something will emerge from this almighty, self-devouring swallow. The only question is, "What form will the excreta take?" I fear SSDD.


The question is not how many Democratic favorable districts are represented by Republicans, but how many Republican favorable districts will be turned into Democratic favorable due to current Republican behavior.

We won't know this until 2014, obviously, but I wouldn't be surprised if the number is in the double digit territory.

Peter G

Rem acu tetigisti. Barring the split you describe and which I think the most probable outcome, there is the possibility of a purge. Perhaps if the Republicans put there inestimable talents at purging voters or otherwise mitigating their power to some domestic use they might yet reclaim control of their party. This might be done by requiring something more than merely a plurality of primary voters to decide primaries. Rules can be altered and gamed. and there is always the appeal to enlightened self interest, or in this case greed. It can't entirely have escaped the notice of the super moneyed classes that the chuckle heads they empowered are poisoning the same well they drink from.

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