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December 26, 2012


Jim Milstein

I think Obama should just use the Constitutional Remedy. It sits there waiting expectantly. Republicans, until recently vaunting the Unitary Executive, could surely find no fault with a Chief Executive & Commander in Chief who saves his country (and the world) from fiscal collapse.

This would immediately lead to the House drawing up a Bill of Impeachment, but so what?

Peter G

This is better than I hoped for. The Republicans might have been tempted to stretch a solution, even a small one, to the fiscal cliff up to the time of the debt limit crisis. There was a lot of very real damage that might have been done by delay and by the uncertainty engendered by a never ending series of artificial crises. I don't know if a perfect storm can yield perfect calm but, by God, it ought to fracture the Republicans like nothing else.


I agree with Peter G.

Better than I had hoped also. And, an extra added bonus...a new Congress on January 2, 2013...thus reducing the number of tea party crazies in the House.

Perhaps a new beginning. One can hope.

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